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Your support is important to our work at EAIA. 

Do you know of:

  • Students who are Deaf or  hard of hearing needing supplemental education whether the student is private schooled, homeschooled, or public schooled?

  • Students who are hearing needing world language credits?

  • Children of Deaf Adults (CODAs) whose first language is American Sign Language (ASL)?

  • Families with children who are Deaf or hard of hearing needing resources?

  • Individuals who need training about Deaf culture sensitivity or basic ASL?


Evermore ASL Immersion Academy (EAIA) is the world’s first, fully virtual educational program using ASL Immersion. Since August of 2020, EAIA has worked with students who are Deaf or hard of hearing and their siblings from five countries and almost every state in the United States. We currently have twelve contract teachers from around the globe, teaching courses of all varieties like reading, writing, math, science, history, electives and more for all grade levels. For our attendees who are hearing of all ages, we offer ASL as a way to fill the gap between families and friends who need a common language to communicate with their Deaf loved ones and friends. Our Deaf mentors serve a role model for those who are at high risk for language deprivation and educational gaps due largely to isolation caused by distance and opportunity. Language deprivation is the culprit behind ninety percent of the educational gap that happens with students who are Deaf or hard of hearing. Language deprivation has been found to be linked to cognitive delays, mental health difficulties, lower quality of life, a higher level of trauma, and limited health literacy (Cheng, 2019).


Ninety percent of children who are Deaf are born into hearing families and only 1 out of 4 of those families learn how to sign with their child (and the fluency level is even lower than that). Families often state that there are no resources or mentors close to where they live. 


EAIA strives to close the gap.


EAIA works with families to provide the language models the student needs, while simultaneously providing the education that they need. EAIA depends on sponsorships, partnerships, and fundraising. We partner with organizations such as:

  • State-level homeschool organizations

  • State-funded School for the Deaf

  • Private homeschool co-ops

  • Private sponsors to fund student's course costs

The cost for a single class is only $240 per semester per student. Our goal is to reach the most vulnerable students out there and give them quality education accessible at home taught by instructors who are Deaf or ASL fluent.

    Sponsoring one child has the ability to impact and change that child’s life tremendously. 

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