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Fresh Starts

Back to school is a daunting time for many. Each new school year is a chance to refine, correct, and hone the ways we chose to educate our children. Whether you are a parent of one or many, each school year brings its own challenges. Do you public school, private school, homeschool, distant learning? Should you focus on improving certain subjects or provide an array? Will my Deaf student have equal access? We hear your heart! And we have been there.

As a Deaf mother of seven, and homeschooling mom of 17 years, I've been where you are today. I've faced the challenges of public school growing up; lack of access, and lack of peers. My Deaf and Hearing children are each unique and face challenges as well. Each child has had their favorites and least favorites. One is Deaf Plus. None are like the others.

While figuring out your child(rens) needs, remember a few simple things.

1. There is no perfect school.

Look for the best option but sometimes it requires finding the one that doesn't fit,

before you can figure which works best.

2. Don't settle.

This may seem counter to the first rule but every year and every month is a chance to

improve. If you are in public or private school, keep pushing for what your child needs.

If you are at home, keep seaching for what works best. Mold, adapt.

3. Don't fall into the "What if" trap.

You know the one. "What if they don't learn?" "What if they never learn to read?" "What if

I'm failing them?" etc. DO YOUR BEST. Isn't that what most parents strive for? Not a

single person on this planet has all the anwers and all the knowledge. Trust the

process. It's not a sprint, it's a long-distance journey. It's one we should enjoy and grow

in, together.

4. One day at a time.

Don't let the next year or next month or even the next week's lessons become your

hyperfocus. Deal with each day as it arises. Sure planning is good. Having a schedule is

also smart but don't get so caught up with what you need to do in a year or 5 that you

forget to breathe and enjoy THIS DAY. You arent guarenteed all of life won't change

tomorrow. So enjoy today. Love on your kiddo(s) now. Teach them to love learning.

Stay on course moms and dads and caregivers!

Much Love,


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