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EAIA Questions & Answers

May 2022


Q: Are classes in English or American Sign Language (ASL)?

A: All classes are offered in ASL. 90% of our teachers are Deaf, native ASL users. 5% are interpreters. And 5% are Hearing who are paired with ASL interpreters. 


Q: Can my hearing child attend classes?

A: Yes! We love Codas, Sodas, and other hearing allies of all ages. Voice interpreting is available upon request. Please send a request to at least one week before the class begins. 


Q: My child does not function on grade level. Can they still attend?

A: Yes! We love children of all functioning levels. Many of our students join classes at levels below their age group peers. 


Q: My child is language delayed. Does this affect their ability to attend?

A: No, not at all. We have many students who for one reason or another have experienced language deprivation or language delays or language gaps. These are usually due to late adoptions or similar situations. We welcome all! 


Q: Do you offer classes in SEE, SEE II, or Cued speech?

A: We do not offer these signing systems or Cued speech at this time. 

Q: My child is hard of hearing and does not sign. Can they attend?

A: Yes! Just like with hearing allies, we do accept students who do not sign. Voice interpreters can be requested for classes at least one week in advance before the class begins. 


Q: How much do classes cost?

A: Regular classes cost $15 per live class per week. Tutoring varies by instructor. 


Q: How long do classes run?

A: This varies by class. We have quarterly classes that run 8 weeks, semester classes run 16 weeks, and year long (32 week) classes. We also offer one day workshops and one week camps. 


Q: How long is the synchronous class time?

A: Almost all our synchronous class times are 50 minutes. However for the younger students we sometimes offer 30-45 minutes classes due to attention spans. 


Q: What style of teaching are the classes?

A: Each instructor has their own style of teaching. Overall the school mimics Montessori style, however, some classes do have light homework assignments, and informal assessments. 


Q: Is there a certificate of completion at the end of the class?

A: A certificate of completion is not automatically given however can be requested. 


Q: Is Evermore ASL Immersion Academy accredited?

A: No. We are a supplemental online continued education academy. 

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