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Our Vision

Evermore ASL Immersion Academy is a private online school serving students who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing of all ages and their families as well as allies of the Deaf community. EAIA provides a comprehensive online program accessible for students anywhere in the world who wish to learn using the model of American Sign Language immersion.

Our Mission

Learning Sign Language

Evermore ASL Immersion Academy provides an unprecedented service to children, youth, and adults who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing.


EAIA is the world's FIRST fully online ASL immersion program.


Deaf education has historically been reserved for in-person learning and limited in scope. EAIA offers outreach, resources, and quality education for students to have an access from their home base. 


EAIA provides Deaf and signing role models, Deaf and signing peers, and an efficient and effective curriculum for students. 

EAIA partners with state, local, and international service providers such as:

  • Homeschool organizations

  • State-funded School for the Deaf

  • State-funded virtual academies

  • Private schools

  • Others

Video Call
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