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About EAIA

Evermore started as a vision back in December of 2017.  Two sisters/teachers (one hard of hearing and one Deaf) realized Deaf and Hard of Hearing students faced a lack of options in the online educational world. Challenges often include no captioning, and no interpreters, and education in direct ASL is basically non-existent. We began preparing.

Evermore was born


By December 2019, our office building was secured and began remodeling. Then COVID-19 hit in March 2020. We knew the time had come where online education options would be even more vital and EAIA pushed harder to open the doors. By August 2020, EAIA officially opened with 14 contracted teachers from around the globe offering 55 classes.


Struggles and Trials

In October of 2020, the sisters suffered the loss of their oldest sister to cancer. It was a difficult time. One sister decided to step back from the school while the other decided she couldn't do it without help. Therefore in November 2020, the Board of Trustees was formed. EAIA continues to grow, improve, and build upon the vision of the original owners.







(pictured: Cathy Day; gone too soon)

Continuing to Grow

Evermore is run by the Board, currently has 4 full-time volunteers on the 

EAIA committee, and many contract teachers. 

We serve students from 5 countries and almost every state of the USA. 


Growing Together

Evermore is still working on becoming a non-profit organization. Till then, we offer low-cost classes; supplemental education for public, private school, or homeschool students. We believe in student-centered education. Classes are customized to fit each student's individual needs. Classes are kept small for optimal interaction and learning. Any one is welcome to take our classes. Any age, any ability, any grade level, hearing, Deaf, and hard of hearing. 


Evermore also offers ASL classes and mentoring for families with children who are Deaf or HoH and their hearing allies.  Our vision is whole-family approach to learning all subjects in ASL.  CODAs (children of Deaf adults) and SODAs (siblings of Deaf) are also welcome in our classes.  

Come and see what we can offer your family.

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